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Will I be tested for HIV at the point of entry in India?

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Some of the countries around the world restrict the entry, residence and stay of foreigners who are HIV positive. These countries perpetuate stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV.

India does not pose any such restrictions for international travellers.

There are no restrictions for HIV positive visitors. No questions relating to a potential HIV infection are asked when individuals apply for a visa, residency or work permit.

"Foreigners, including students, do not have to undergo mandatory HIV testing in India. The former regulations were repealed on September 29, 2002, by the Health and Family Welfare Minister Shatrughan Sinha. The Health and Family Welfare Minister Shatrughan Sinha is quoted as having said: "Experts were of the opinion that mandatory HIV testing of foreigners/foreign students is contrary to recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO)."

In a communication to embassies and consulates dated September 17, 2010, the Ministry of External Affairs clarified that there are no travel or residency restrictions for People Living with HIV coming to India.

However please note that if you are coming to India for medical treatment, particularly surgery you may be required to take the HIV test during your clinical evaluation.

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