The Dragon in the Basement

Jacob Schultz

A Fable Story by: Jacob Schultz

There once was a little boy named Jack, who was 10 years old and lived in Chelsea, Michigan. Every time Jack's mom asked him to go down into the basement to get the recycling, he got a bad feeling in his stomach. Jack wished that they had a bigger house so they didn't have to store the recycling in the basement. Jack is so afraid to go in the basement because he thinks there is a dragon who lives down there. This huge beast is 9 feet tall, 8 feet wide, with sharp teeth, and green scales. Jack gave this dragon the name of Era.

Jack came home from school on Thursday with a big feeling of dread because it was recycling day. This time Jack had a plan to tackle his fear of the dragon. First he had to set a trap. Jack got a net, a rope, and some rocks. Ten minutes later he was forced by his mom to go into the basement to get the recycling. As he held on to his gear, Jack opened the door with a loud noise and walked down the stairs slowly. He could hear the feet of the dragon walking on the cement floor. As he walked closer, he could see the fire from the dragons breath. When Jack made it down to the final step, he could see the huge scales of the dragon. He stumbled down into the basement and rounded the corner and screamed; but he saw nothing when he opened his eyes. He only saw a mouse, a wood burner, and a Christmas tree. Jack thought to himself. The footsteps he heard were just a mouse running on the floor. The dragons breath had to be the wood burning in the fire. The dragons scales must have been the Christmas tree. Jack now knew he was scared of nothing the whole time. It was just his imagination making him be a little scared baby.