Many Hands, One Mason!!

October 13, 2019

Dear Mason Families,

It was great to see so many of our families at Parent-Teacher Conferences this week. High attendance at conferences is a great sign that our families are not only invested in their child's education but understand that a strong home to school connection is needed for our learners to reach their maximum potential. If you didn't have a chance to make it to conferences, continue to look for email updates, volunteer opportunities, family nights and weekly notes in your child's take-home folder as a way to engage with our educational community. Our goal is to communicate with all of our families as much possible so we can work together to best support our learners. Thanks for your dedication to excellence.

This week, I had the pleasure of being a guest teacher in a 5th-grade classroom and a Kindergarten classroom. The two classroom experiences couldn't have been more different. My time in these classrooms helped me better understand the demands that are placed on our Mason teachers daily. At Mason, sometimes, we take our teachers for granted and fail to remember that they are human! Yes, they are Superheroes but they are still humans! I am so glad that our community understands that supporting 21-27 students at one time for 35 hours a week is an amazing feat (this doesn;t even account for the time they put in before school, after school or on the weekends to support our learners); I am currently struggling to support my own three kids as my wife is out of town this weekend :). Our educators work hard to make sure our students have everything they need to be successful and we appreciate your support. Thank you in advance for allowing them to be human and operating from a place of empathy and understanding in your daily interactions with them.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Roy Bishop, Jr.


P.S. After being a guest teacher this week, it is essential that we talk to our children about the importance of respecting our guest teachers. Being a guest teacher is a hard job and it is even harder when they don't get the respect they deserve from our students.

Save the Date!!!!!

We will be having a Mason Family Game and Diversity night from 6-8 pm on Thursday, Oct. 24th! This is an event you will want to attend! Please do your best to be there even if it's for a short stint of time. Please send Mr. Bishop an email ( if you would like to volunteer to help support the event! Many hands are needed to ensure this event is a success for our students. More details will come home with your child this week! Please be there!!!

Dinner Conversation Starters:

Why is it important to be nice and respectful to Guest Teachers?

What is your reading goal for the month of October?

What can you do to become a better reader?

Reading Homework: As a family, it is so important that we are reading every night! If you need books to read to your learner or they need a new book to read at home to read to themselves, we have a free library that you can grab a book from by the main entrance!

From The Office

Entering the building

We appreciate your kindness. However, please do NOT hold the door open for anyone, even Mr. Bishop. We need everyone to ring the buzzer so we know who is entering the building. When you ring the buzzer please state your name and the reason for your visit. Thank you for your co-operation in keeping our students safe.

Appointments and Attendance

Punctuality is a lifetime habit that students should develop. Students are expected to arrive on time each day, prepared to learn. If your child will be absent or late arriving to school, please call the attendance line (432-4401) by 9:00 a.m. It is available 24 hours per day for your convenience. ALL Students will hear from us, “We’re happy you are here” when they arrive! Tardy means after 9:20 am on Mondays and 8:35 am on Tuesday - Friday.

It can't be helped, we understand appointments happen during the school day. Please remember to call the attendance line for early dismissals,The attendance line is open 24 hours a day. Teachers are trying to wrap up instruction and get the students ready to leave so, we would appreciate it if all arraignments were handled before 3:15PM. The more notice you give the better. Thank you!

Mason Spirit Wear

You asked for it and its here!! Please click on the link below to order your Mason Spirit Wear.

Mason Spirit Wear

LIM Focus for the month of October: Begin with the End in Mind

Begin With the End in Mind I plan ahead and set goals. I do things that have meaning and make a difference. I am an important part of my school. I look for ways to be a good citizen.

Hand Signal that goes along with Begin With the End in Mind: Begin (point to your feet) With the End (both hands point forward) in Mind (point to your head).

October’s Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) Focus

Classroom Behavior- We are focusing on following directions and doing our best in the classroom. Our motto is to do your best and forget the rest!! Please discuss with your child at home what it truly means to Be a Leader, Be a Learner and Be Kind in the classroom.

All About "How Are You Feeling" Messages

Mason students are encouraged to utilize iMessages during the school year! This communication tool helps students explain their feelings with their words. It's so helpful to give students this script so that they can learn to solve problems independently. We use them daily throughout our day! These iMessages can be used for both positive and negative emotions. Try using them at home!

"I feel ___ when you ___. I need you to please ____."

I feel sad when you take my toy. I need you to please ask first.

I feel happy when you help clean up. I need you to please keep up the great work!

Pop/Can Tops For Ronald McDonald House

Your student might have brought home a ziploc bag this week. These are for students to fill with pop/can tops to be donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charity in Ann Arbor at U of M Mott Children's Hospital. When bags are full, they can be turned into the office at Mason or given to Mrs. Aouad. We will be collecting all year!

Upcoming Events

  • 15- PTO Meeting 7PM
  • Mason night at Jets
  • 20 - District Wide Open House - 1-3PM - all schools will be open
  • 24 - Gizmo Game Night - 6-7PM Flyer coming soon
  • Diversity Event 7-8PM flyer coming soon
  • 25 - Light Up The Lawn - 6:30-8:30PM
  • 26 - Fall Fest - 11AM-2PM
  • 27- Haunted Garage - 6-9PM
  • 29 - Picture Re-take day - must bring in original if taken
  • 31 - Morning schedule
  • 8:30 Parade

    9:30-10:30 Halloween parties

    10:30-11:15 Magician Assembly


Now when families use the Box Tops app to scan their store receipt, they can "Give Credit" to an individual, classroom or grade level. To "Give Credit" make sure you have the latest version of the Box Tops app, scan your receipt, then tap the star icon to enter your "Give credit" memo.