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May 2021

Dear families,

This is the final library newsletter for the 2020-2021 school year. The library started off with curbside pickup, a weekly storywalk, and a daily zoom storytime. It was a pleasure to coach and enjoy lunchtime with over 60 Timberwolves who joined the battle of the books. Ultimately one of those teams went on and won the state championship! The last quarter has me finishing strong with weekly book drops for in-person learners while continuing a curbside service. I hope to bring back the summer library in 2022. I know PTA has secured the funds.

Thank you for all the support and gratitude this year. See you in the fall if not sooner around the town.


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Trailside Barnes and Noble Book Fair May 3-9

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I am excited and thankful to spend the $3,000 PTA gave the library from the read-a-thon to update our nonfiction section and order the new battle titles. I decided to order books from Barnes and Noble because they will give me a 30% discount. I set up a book fair for the week of May 3 -Mother's Day and I will place my order that week. On top of the 30%, I will also get a percentage of that sale on a gift card after the fair. Many libraries around the district will be ordering their battle books at this time as well and if they mention Trailside, the library will get credit for those sales too. I will do all the advertising, but really a low-key event with no special happenings at Barnes and Noble. Just if you are shopping at Barnes and Noble mention Trailside at the register and make money for books.

I am advertising to all staff, families, and community members who are doing any last-day Mother's day gifts to consider Barnes and Noble, visiting the cafe, buying some books for the summer to please mention Trailside at the register. Can't visit the store, you can shop online. Visit BN.COM/bookfairs to support us online from 05/03/21 to 05/09/2021

by entering Bookfair ID 12609418 at checkout.

Lost or Damaged Books

I can’t find my library book, now what? If you’ve looked all over the house, the car, your grandparents’ home, your backpack, your classroom, Mrs. Keller has checked the shelves...and still can’t find your library book, here are your options: THIS YEAR ALL LOST OR DAMAGED FEES ARE WAIVED. The library and the kids however would love your support by:

  • Replace the book, you may also find a gently used copy of that book at Titlewave or a new one Amazon for much cheaper, but no refunds are available if you find the lost book.

  • Buy a book for your child to read over the summer and possibly donate in the fall from Barnes and Noble May 3-9 (during the book fair )and mention Trailside library. That will help with replacement costs.

  • Buy a book and have it shipped to Trailside or your house and have your child bring it in the fall on Trailside's Amazon Love Your Library Wishlist

My library book is damaged, now what? It happens! Thanks for being responsible and letting Mrs. Keller know.Same options as above. Timberwolves love to read and use the library. So keep it looking fresh. Donate a book from your reading shelf that you know kids will like. Hardbacks in the library work best.

Regardless of which option you choose, I appreciate you helping Trailside Library keep its collection exciting and relevant for our Timberwolf readers.