Super Duper Helper Milkshake

Recipe for a Fabulous Extraordinary Citizen


  1. 30 cups of Honesty
  2. 1000 gallons of Trustworthy
  3. 1/2 gallon of Reliable
  4. 35 teaspoons of a Good Listener
  5. 548135 quarts of being Open Minded
  6. 125641 pints of having a Pure Heart
  7. 12154 pinches of being Thoughtful
  8. 4512 dabs of Love

Begin by melting the first 3 ingredients together on medium on top of the stove. Next, blend the next 4 ingredients in the blender then add to your pot. Finally dab in your love! Stir it around, mix it up, and allow to cool. Allow 5 minutes to cool then serve! ENJOY!