The Beauty of Mesoamerica

1400 BCE -

Tezcatlipoca our loving God

    Tezcatlipoca the Smoking Mirror is the Strongest God that we worship. He makes sure the Fifth Sun "the current universe" does not explode. For this reason we offer our whole heart to Tezcatlipoca.

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Olmec Ball Game

Olmec ball game is a our favorite pass time. We force are prisoners to ball a game a lot like soccer. Expect instead of making goals you kick the ball in to a hoop. The loser has a surprise in-store for them.
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We invented the zero long before the Hindus did. Our cosmology is centuries ahead of the rest of the world. Our Calendars are the best in the world. We even have counted ahead hundreds of years. We also invited rubber.
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Geographical Location

We are in the fertile land of Central America.
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We have a lot of great dishes such as turkey, dog, and ducks. Our side dish include corn, beans, chilies,squash,papaya, and breadnut. For dessert we eat cacao, and papayas.

We produce our food on floating islands called chinampas, since we live in a lake.

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