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Hollis Woods

About Me...

My name is Hollis woods. I'm a foster kid. I'm currently living with Steven's family and visiting Josie. They are great. I'm finally becoming part of a family that I have always wanted to be in. Let me tell you it isn't so easy surviving new places when you are a foster kid. Here are some tips and places to go and do in Long Island for both foster kids and New kids.

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Being a foster kid in School...

From my experiences don't let being a foster kid get in the way of making friends or effect your grades. Also be yourself and don't be shy, go and introduce yourself. Finally don't use being a foster kid as an excuse. The chances are that kids are going to get annoyed if you do that.

1. Don't let being a foster kid keep you from making friends.

2. Don't let bring a foster kid effect your grades.

3. Be yourself and don't be shy.

4. Don't use being a foster kid as an excuse.

Top Vacation Places Near You...

My favorite places to go are Lake Houses, Bay Houses, Houses by the mountains, and in New York by the Statue of Liberty. Plus they have great site to draw.

1. Lake Houses

2. Bay Houses

3. Houses by the Mountains

4. New York by the Statue of Liberty

Being a Foster Kid...

Trust me I know that being a foster kid is hard. So here are some tips to being a foster kid. Don't run away from your foster home. I learned that a couple times. Don't let being a foster kid keep you down and keep you from accomplishing things. Also remind yourself that your foster parents love you. With these three pointers you will have a better time being a foster kid than you thought.

1.Don't run away from your foster home

2.Don't let being a foster kid keep you down

3.Don't let being a foster kid keep you from accomplishing anything

4. Remind yourself that your foster parents love you


Oh how I remember that day. I climbed the mountain and got hurt. Steven drove up to save me. On our way down to mountain we hit a slippery part of the mountain. We crashed and Steven got really hurt. Anyway Steven showed me how to drive before that so here are some tips on driving.

1. Don't start driving until you are old enough by the laws.

2. Learn to drive before you actually start to drive around.

3. Don't drive up a mountain until you are well experienced.

4. Make sure someone is home when you are going for a drive and are still new with it.

LDC driving lesson 1 - Getting Moving - key learning points

Latest Five Star Movies

Josie and I use to go to the movies a lot when I just lived with her. Beatrice and Josie worked there so I got to see a lot of movies with them. These are some of the latest five star movies.

1. Star Wars The Force Awakens

2. Zootopia

3. Daddy's Home

4. Batman vs Superman

Great Sites to See and Draw

As you know I have drawn many different sites. I love to ones down in Long Island. They are so pretty and my favorite colored pencil "French Blue" Just fits in every one of them. Anyways some of my favorite sites to see and draw are the lakes, the river outside of now Stevens family, Josie, and our house, parks, and the mountains.

1. Lakes

2. Mountains

3. Rivers

4. Parks

Thanks For Reading

I Hope you liked My Tips and Activities to Do in Long Island. Thanks For Reading
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