My goals

The little steps that help achive my big goals

My first big goal would be to get a job

  • in order to accomplish this I would need to put together my resume.
  • then I would need to do research on where I would like to work and what they are looking for in an employee
  • I want a job where I can do deliveries so I can be active all the time and I get to get out a lot and meet many types of people.
How to Get a Job As a Teen - Step by Step Help

my second goal would be to save up money

I need to stop spending on unnecessary things

I spend about $ 300 dollars just on normal bills a month and $250 on gas so I need to save that and put it away right away so I don't spend that.

I try not to carry cash on me

I don't go shopping with people who I know always convince me to buy unnecessary things

(I have an addiction with buying heels ) so with that being said I avoid the shoe section in nordstrom


my third goal would be to lose weight

I have to set up a schedule that helps me set a time apart so I can workout

I have to be consistent and take baby steps

I will do cardio on the stair case next to my house so that it makes it easier to complete the workouts everyday in the mornings before the sun comes out

Savage Stair Workout 4-2013