Twelth Night vs. Shes the Man

Sidney Budzinski

Viola's Identity

In the Twelth night Viola is pretending to be her brother Sebastian. In the story Viola thinks that she is a very independent and that she can gets what she wants. Viola is also a very bold person and she is defiantly out there about herself. One of the most important things is that Viola is not afraid to speak her mind. This is very important when it comes to Viola talking to other people because she will tell people what is on her mind not just what other what to here.


In the story Viola is a female and she is very limited to what she can do. Because she is a women and doesn’t have anybody to support her she I very limited. Viola pretend to be her brother in this story and that is giving her more and more responsibilities in and can do more. As a women she has other people taking care of her. Because she is a women she has to obey her limitations and not go beyond them. For example she is not supposed to go outside be outside without someone else to escort her out.


Other people in the story view Viola as a very outgoing person that cannot be controlled. People think Viola speaks her mind and some are maybe taken back by this. I think this is similar to how she sees herself because of the fact she is not afraid to say what is on her mind I think other people also get that vibe from her.


Some of the similarities that Viola and I have are that we are both not afraid to speak or mind. Also we have strong beliefs so what we believe in we will be passionate towards. Some of the last things that I think why Viola and I are alike is because we are both strong towards the things we believe in.

Some of the differences I think that her and I have is that she is very about herself and that I don't think that I am. I like to think of other people and not just me.

Shes The Man -Viola

In shes the man Viola thinks that she is a very strong, bold, and independent person because she is fighting for what she wants and that is to play soccer in the boys league to prove what she can do. She thinks she can take on any challenge as a guy all to do what she loves. That proves that she has a lot of dignity to maintain because she knows if this goes under then she is willing to risk it all.


Because Viola ask as her brother in the movie she is able to participate in the guys league. She uses this as an advantage because then she can show her parents and ex boyfriend that she is good enough to play. The fact that she is acting like a guy she has to be able to act, talk, and believe the same things guys do throughout this lie. This is a benefit because she is able to find out stuff that she wants to know about Duke. Yet this is a limitation because she will never be as strong or fast as some of the guys, plus I think this gets to her head that she knows the truth.


Other people in the movie think that Viola is weird because of what she is doing and they all think that it's not that serious. Nobody really understands how Viola really feels. This is different compared to how she feels because the way that she sees herself is that she finds herself very independent and confident in what she can do and what she will able to do as her brother.

Similarities/ Differences

Viola and I are similar because we both share the passion for our sport and would do anything for it. Also Viola and I are both really close with our brothers just like my brother and I. We also are very good at working with other people for example she is really good at understanding Olivia and Duke's situation.

Viola and I are different because I don't think I would every switch spots with my brother and do what she did. Also I think she is using her own resources and with Duke just so she can try and get to him.