Public Speaking

Learn how to properly deliver a speech in Mrs. Crick's room!

Learn Speeches and Debates through some of history's greatest minds and works!

In the class you will write and deliver many literary creations, along with some improvisational conversations. To the right is one of the movies that you will watch in class to learn how to be effective in debates and speeches, The Great Debaters.

Class is during 3rd block at room 2008.

The classroom is located relatively close to the cafeteria, so getting to lunch is not an issue.

You will most likely learn a lot.

F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions.)

Q: Isn't public speaking somewhat boring?

A: It really depends on the day. One day may be boring as all hell, but the next may be outrageously fun.

Q: Doesn't it involve way too much writing?

A: Not really, you will be writing more in your core classes than you will here.

Q: Is this class worth taking?

A: Yes. For most people it is an easy credit, and you do learn a lot as well.