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Aden Sinks

A Little About Me

I'm a freshman at Delphi High Community High School. I am a fun person who likes playing video games. I'm short for my age (I'm around 5'2"). I am a pretty friendly person too.


Track is a sport that I enjoy participating in. I have participated in track and field all throughout my middle school "career" and plan on staying in track throughout high school.


Now band is my favorite thing to participate in ever. I can play multiple instruments, they just take a little getting used to. I participate in concert band, marching band, and pep band. Also, here is a list of the instruments I can play.

  • Clarinet- I normally play this in concert band.
  • Tenor drums/quad toms/quint toms- I play these in marching band and pep band.
  • Bass drum- I played this my first year of pep band and marching band.
  • Alto Saxophone- I played this my first year of concert band.

Quiz Bowl!

Another activity I participate in is quiz bowl. It is a fun club that is held after school. Quiz Bowl is kind of like Academic Super Bowl, but it is just random trivia that is usually educational or from literature. There are some questions that we classify as 'Trash' because they have nothing to do with literature or education. These questions are usually about sports or pop culture.

Mitchell's Mexican Grill Review

I enjoy getting food from here, it is a good choice if you have to get fast food. They have a variety of Mexican food that many seem to enjoy. It is also a local fast food place.

Who is Your Favorite Teacher?

Well my favorite is teacher Mr. Dennison. He is a great band director and is just an awesome teacher. I have known him ever since 6th grade. He is also the reason why I stayed in band.

What would I do If I Won $10,000?

If I won $10,000, I would probably save $5,000 and spend the rest on stuff that I want, like a new headset, a new computer, and some games. Or I would buy a set of tenor drums.

If You Are Being Bullied...

If you getting bullied and/or harassed by someone, tell a teacher, your parents, and a older friend. If they are insulting you don't really listen or care because none of it is true.
Dchs concert band 6
DCHS New York City Concert at Trump Tower.