Digital Citizen Project

Madison g. period 1

7 rules for Digital Citizen Rules respectful to people online

2.Don't be a bully to people online

3.don't respond to a bully

4.NEVER give information about yourself to a person you don't know

5. Dont ever put anything that You dont want people to see

6. Make sure to always make sure its OK to use a social media with your parents

7. Make sure that you copyright your creations ( ex.artwork)

What is Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is you are online with many other people around the world. in reality heres the downside of it , people are always watching every thing you do like employers and your job. you never want to post anything that can hurt other people. be careful of how you put yourself out their , hackers my be watching you to steal your identity. Your friends can evan have your username or password. many people you may know aren't as they seem to be. But the most most important thing is to be nice and dont share anything you dont want people to see.
Digital Citizenship

Why is it important to be safe online ?

You and everybody else needs to stay safe because of identity thief. Many people have put their information online like were they live address . it not best to do that because many hackers stole many identities . Evan friends you know can be sneaky and steal yours too!