EDUX 9930 is all you've wanted and more!


EDUX 9930 is here and ready for students. Go to to sign up! Take anywhere between 2 and 6 graduate credit hours. Advance your students! Advance your career! Advance your pay! Advance your life!


"This class (EDUX9930) afforded me the opportunity to redesign and build new curriculum to better my teaching and my students while providing the incentive to do the hard work in my precious summer months." - Megan Twadell (Barrington District 220)

"I love DominicanCA, because they cater to the busy teachers who are involved in extra curricular activities. DominicanCA allows me to get my work done when I have spare time. The education classes they offer help me to reflect on my own teaching, and learn about how to improve my students experience in my classroom. Thank you DominicanCA for helping me become the best teacher that I can be!" - John Dyer (John Hersey High School District 214)

“This is the first class I have taken where I am able to use 100% of the work I have done. I was able to improve in more than 1 area because the freedom this class has allowed me. Thank you!” - Matt Bridges (Grayslake Central High School District 127)