The S'more the Merrier

By: Bridget Willard


The color of the mineral is varies to different shades of greenish, blue but for the most part its obviously turquoise. If you were to rub this mineral across a streak plate it always comes out as white with a greenish tint. Turquoise is very dull and waxy and its diaphaneity is opaque. This mineral has a hardness that ranges from 5 to 6 and has cleavage that is perfect in two direction but it is hard to see. Personally speaking, this mineral is one of the prettiest for its bold color that sometimes varies. Turquoise is used in lots of jewelry and people like wearing it because it adds a "pop" to their outfit.


The mineral Diamond is an extremely popular mineral and comes in all different shades of colors, it varies from blues to reds, but the streak color is always white. The luster of the diamond is waxy and its diaphaneity is transparent to translucent, meaning you can always see through it but not always clearly. The hardness of this mineral is 10 which is the hardest mineral on the MOHs scale. Diamonds have cleavage perfect in 4 directions. Diamonds are used in jewelry that all people (mostly girls) absolutely adore. "Diamonds are a girls best friend."


Hematite is a steel/silver earth mineral that sometimes has a red-ish brown tint to it and has a blood red to brownish red streak. The luster of this mineral can either be metallic or dull. Hematite looks a lot like an everyday rock, having the diaphaneity of opaque and a hardness that is 5 to 6. The cleavage in this mineral is absent, meaning it has fracture. Something special about hematite is that it is a magnetic mineral and is used in jewelry but also other things that involved magnetic features. Hematite comes from the Greek root "haimo" meaning blood because the color of it's powder/streak.


Sulfur is yellow mineral with a yellow streak as well and is commonly referred to as the mineral that smells like a rotten egg. Sulfur has a diaphaneity that is transparent to translucent and its luster is vitreous meaning glassy. This mineral has a hardness of 2 and barely has cleavage. It is there but not noticeable. Sulfur is a component of gunpowder and is also used in the vulcanization of rubber.


Topaz is a common gemstone mineral that is the birthstone for the month of November. Topaz is a cool mineral because it has different variations of colors but is mostly known as a golden color, the streak is always white. The luster of this mineral is virteuous meaning glassy and the diaphaniety of the crystals is transparent to translucent. Cleavage of this mineral is in one perfect direction, the term for this is basal. Topaz is a hard mineral being 8 on the MOHs scale or hardness. Topaz is a popular gemstone that has been in jewelry for a while now.
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