By:Connor Bryer

Architecture Intro

Architecture has been around since humans have walked the earth. Cavemen were known for living in caves, the human species has gone from caves to pyramids to multi million dollar mansions. Architecture is a very demanding job, but is not a boring one with all the new advances in modern day building makes it easier to design eye popping buildings.

Architects have a very common job it is one that uses creative thinking graphic design and is very popular. America grossed about twenty-six billion dollars in 2011 with its estimated 17,500 architecture firms.

What does an architect do

Architects do may things like conversing with workers and clients to find the best possible fit for them.

  • Meet with the customer to determine needs and requirements for buildings.
  • Give estimates on cost and construction time.
  • Discuss structure requirements.
  • Talk with workers who prepare drawings and documents.
  • Present scaled drawings, either with computer software or by hand.
  • Negotiate contract documents for building contractors.
  • Manage construction contracts.
  • Visit worksites to make sure that construction matches to architectural plans.
  • Seek new clientele by advertising and giving presentations.
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How to become an architect

Education is a key part In the becoming of an architect. The job requires a bachelor's of architecture degree program but most end up getting a masters degree. Training-Following up on the bachelor degree is the experience, before being able to take the Architecture registration exam(ARE) they have to partake in a paid internship for three years through the intern development program. To become an official architect you have to pass the (ARE) to apply at a firm or start an independent branch.

Work environment

Architects spend a lot of their time in offices, where they meet with people, develop reports and drawings, and work with clients and engineers. They also visit construction sites to make sure the client's needs are met and to see the progress of projects. Some architects work from home offices.

Work schedules

Most architects work full time and many work additional hours, especially when facing deadlines. Self-employed architects may have more flexible work schedules.

Pay- side points

Most architects get paid the median salary which consists of $74,520 depending on level in the firm or individual branch they will be paid different levels of pay, lower wage workers receive $44,940 and the highest around $121,910. And if you don't want to design buildings you could do landscape architecture.Landscape architects design the layout of a certain piece of land to make the land beautiful and match the customer's needs.
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