Christina's Curveball

The impact miscarrying had on her life

in 1991, Christina, a young 20 year old got pregnant in San Diego with her life partner, Kevin. Two months into the pregnancy Christina miscarried. After the miscarriage Kevin and Christina decided to send resumes all over the country to see if they could get jobs and potentially change their scenery. Prior to this, they had both planned on staying in San Diego.
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Kevin got a job offer in Seattle and they got pregnant again almost immediately. Without this curveball, the lives they live would be very different than the ones they live today. Their handling of this situation defied the laws of the social norm. Normally when couples have a miscarriage, they will spend some amount of time mourning the loss. Christina and Kevin chose to cope with the situation by applying everywhere letting fate have a say in their next adventure together.
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This curveball that was thrown at Kevin and Christina, while extremely difficult in the moment, helped them have the life they love so much now. I think that their decision to send resumes all over the country was also encouraged by each of their individual home lives. If they were in a situation where family was there for support and comfort, I do not believe that they would have been so willing to leave what they knew for so long. Christina had a difficult relationship with her parents during this time as they started to charge her rent when she turned 18 and insisted that she go to college while paying out of her pocket. Working 3 jobs, she still was not able to get acceptable grades in the eyes of her parents, so she was kicked out. Kevin's relationship with his mother was not quite as severe, but their relationship was also difficult, since she expected him to be the father figure for his two younger brothers while his mother went through relationships left and right.

Another important aspect that lead to this life changing decision was definitely their socioeconomic status. They were extremely poor. They often had their electricity and water turned off due to neither of them being able to keep bills paid and stay fed. Pairing this amount of poverty with the fact that they had virtually no solid support system in San Diego, they were able to make that leap and attempt to change their life course in whatever way the world presented.

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25 years later, Kevin travels the world with his position at HP and Christina occasionally joins him while being a Doula for mothers in the North West