Rayaan's Science 6 Life

Based on my Science labs, this is my S'more flyer.

Introduction to Science 6

Science 6 Unit 1

Rayaan Khan

I am a sixth grade student at Pioneer Middle School. I love to play sports. I am on a club basketball team and I play cricket, which is played all ar Ind the world.

Mini Microcope Unit

During the mini microscope unit, we learned how to use and adjust a microscope so that you can see properly and clearly. After we learned everything, we looked at sand samples in a microscope. We had 4 sand samples and had to figure out which two had the same characteristics to know what beach the sand towel was from. Another lab was the letter E lab. we placed a slip of paper under the microscope and drew what we saw. we had to adjust it to see the letter E. We realized that the direction you move it actually goes backwards. I really loved this unit the best because I have never seen anything so close up so far.


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Looking at Salt in a Microscope

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Triple Beam Balance

During the triple beam balance lab, we were handed a triple beam balance and a bag of items to weigh. During the beginning, the class was handed a paper and we were supposed to write down the weight of the object that was already shown in the picture. We also incorporated the triple beam balance lab with the quantitative and qualitative section. We had to write down some observations from each category.
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Tripe Beam Balance

Classifying Lab

During this lab, we were making sections for items. For example, we were making a broad category for backpack. Then we had to narrow it down to papers, writing utensils, and folder dividers. Then, we had to narrow it down even more and write for the category of paper: lined paper, blank sheet of paper, and graph paper. For writing utensils, I would do: pens, pencils, and highlighters. For folder dividers, I would write Science divider, math divider, etc.

Quantitative and Qualitative Lab.

While we worked on this lab, the class had to rotate around each table. There's was a two different items on each table. We had to write the qualitative observations on one side (what've something looks like) and wrote quantitative observations (observations involved with numbers and measurements.)

Mini Mapping Unit

During this unit, we learned the different between latitude and longitude. Latitude is the rungs on a ladder, so it runs horizontal. Longitude is long, so it runs up and down. We used these methods to help us distinguish how they go. We were handed a couple of papers and we had to write the coordinates down of each place.