K-2 Wing Newsletter

May 16-20, 2016

Awards Day Celebration

This Wednesday is your awards day celebration. Please have certificates completed and in folders for students. Each student should have their own folder. On the outside of the folder, please write the student's name and a list of awards they are receiving. If a student is receiving certificates only, they will stand in place, wait for applause and then sit back down. If a student is receiving a medal (principal's honor roll, A/B honor roll, perfect attendance, citizenship), they will walk to me to receive their medal. When arranging where students will stand, please have students receiving medals in chairs by the risers or in the front row(s) of the risers. All students should receive their folder with certificates in the classroom after the awards program is over. Parents are encouraged to take their children home after the ceremony to celebrate.

Class Lists for Next Year

Class lists for next year will be created from your pink and blue cards you have completed for each of your students. As a team, create class lists for next year's grade level. Each class should be balanced as much as possible with varied ability levels, behavior problems, gender and number. Once the classes have been established, please type each class list and attach the cards to each typed list. Title your classes as, Teacher 1, Teacher 2, Teacher 3, Teacher 4 (2nd grade, you will only have 3 lists). These lists are due to me on May 23rd.

Homework and Lesson Plans

This is the last week of formal lesson plans and homework. All students should have homework this week. Lesson plans do not need to be uploaded to TKES this Thursday for next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. However, please be sure you have activities planned for students to keep them engaged and to keep the day as structured as possible.

End of Year Checklist

Please begin working on items on the end of the year checklist. All textbooks are to be stacked above the kids' cubbies and labeled with the number of texts. For Reading Street texts, please count and indicate the number of texts for each unit. Taking down items in your classroom is not to begin until Monday, May 23rd.


This newsletter serves in lieu of a Monday team meeting during your instructional planning time. Please sign your name on the list outside of my office door stating you have read the information provided in this week's newsletter by COB Tuesday.
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