All About Currie, Tustin, and Me

Wonderful Interesting Information!!!!

Our School Currie Middle School

Currie Middle School mascot is a Cougar of course. Currie is a place where you get yummy food like hamburgers, pizza, and lots other delicious yummy food.


Tustin is a good place there is Currie Middle School , Thorman ( another school ), Burger King, and lots of other cool places. Here I like to go to Burger King because it is an awesome place to be in my opinion.

Some Pictures of Currie and Tustin

If you were here you would like it so much as I do.

Currie is the best Middle School

I was only been here for a few weeks and I love it you get to eat where ever you want and you get to have yummy food here.
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Out of my Mind

So as you may notice the picture or book and it is called Out Of My Mind. This is the book I'm currently reading, and so far its about a girl named Melody and she shares her story of how she can't talk, can't walk, and she can't write.

About Me...

So as you may have know my name is Tania your pen pal and here so interesting things you may not know about me well here is one. I most of the time hang out with my little brother instead of my friend. People say I am shy most of the time, but actually I am just bored sometimes. Also my favorite kind of genres are mostly non-fiction they are very good, and I mostly like to read instead of playing with and iPad,iPod, and tablet. Lastly, I usually like to talk more at home instead of school.
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Pen Pal

As you can see I have lots to tell but this is how far I can get to I really hope I can hear from you. Please write back. Hope to hear from you soon Keengen.

~ Tania Mirafuentes