News for the week of January 7th

Miss Cleasby's 4K News

Snow Theme

This week we will continue our Snow/Mitten theme! We will be making a "Winter Outside My Window" art project using oil pastels. We will be reading the book The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. We will be doing a science experiment called "Will It Melt"? and we will learn what it means to make a prediction. We are starting to learn some new songs that we will sing at our February parent craft night!


In 4K, we try to incorporate outdoor play as much as possible. At times, with the students only being at school for two and half hours it can be difficult to fit it within our schedule. During the winter months your child does not have to bring snowpants, boots,etc...with them each day. I will send home a note ahead of time if we are going to be going outside. That being said, this Tuesday (Jan. 8th) we will plan on going outdoors for recess. Please send your child this Tuesday with outside winter play gear (snowpants, boots, coat, hat, mittens, etc...).

Jolly Phonics

Our Jolly Phonics letter of the week is "D". The action for the /D/ letter sound is to beat your hands up and down, as if you are playing a drum, and say d, d, d, d. Review the letters we have learned and practice the letter /D/ sound by watching the Jolly Phonics video below.
Jolly Phonics songs VIDEO CLIPS

Traveling Book Bags

Traveling Book Bags will be sent home starting this week Tuesday, January 8th! Thank to those of you who already responded about whether you would like to receive them. Please send back the sheet even if you choose "no" just so we can double check that everyone has a chance to get them. If your child receives a book bag this week it is due back next Monday, January 14th. That way we are able to check the book bag in and get it out to another family by Tuesday each week. I hope you enjoy the traveling book bags! They are a great way to have some new learning activities and games to do at home with your child.


* Don't forget about the Parenting Counts Education Series! These classes are offered free to 4K parents and caregivers! The first class in a 4 part series is this Wednesday, January 9th at the AWE center in Fort Atkinson. This first class focuses on Brain and Physical Development- Birth to Kindergarten. To register call Sheila at 920-723-0307.