Life Lessons in Frankenstein

Companionship, Loneliness, & Friendship

Robert Walton

In the beginning of the novel we read Walton's letters to his sister Margaret. In those letters he write about his loneliness while away at sea.
"I have no friend, Margaret: when I am glowing with the enthusiasm of success, there will be none to participate my joy; if I am assailed by disappointment, no one will endeavor to sustain me in dejection." (Letters from Walton to His sister) This quote from Walton tells of how he has no one to be happy with and when sad he has no one to comfort him. Walton shows that he is lonely even though he is on a boat with men that he could speak to. Its like is feels alone even though he is surrounded by people.

Victor Frankenstein

Victor lived a very privileged life and always had people around him. He never truly knew what loneliness was, when he was alone it was by choice.
"Much as they were attached to each other, they seemed to draw inexhaustible stores of affection from a very mine of love to bestow them upon me. My mother's tender caresses and my father's smile of benevolent pleasure while regarding me are my first recollections." (Chapter 1) Victor says how for the first half of his life he was an only child and he was loved very much by both his parents. Then his family adopted Elizabeth and from then on he was never alone because of her. Until he moved away to college and isolated himself in his studies. While away Victor had very little contact with Elizabeth or his father and it didn't seem to bother him.

"The same feelings which made me neglect the scenes around me caused me also to forget those friends who were so many miles absent, and whom I had not seen for so long a time. I knew my silence disquieted them; and I well remembered the words of my father" Victors father then told him before leaving for college, "I know that while you are pleased with yourself, you will think of us with affection, and we shall hear regularly from you. You must pardon me if I regard any interruption in your correspondence as a proof that your other duties are equally neglected." (chapter 4) In this quote you see that Victors father wanted him to right and he knew that victor may get carried away with his studies but he wanted Victor to still write home and even if it interrupts him during his work that he should still make time for his family.

The Creature

Since the creature was created he knew nothing but loneliness. He had never felt love but he knew what it was.
"You must create a female for me with whom I can live in the interchange of those sympathies necessary for my being. This you alone can do, and I demand it of you as a right which you must not refuse to concede." (chapter 17) The creature wanted a companion and someone to love and comfort. He told Victor that if he made this women for him that they would leave and never be seen again,"If you consent, neither you nor any other human being shall ever see us again; I will go to the vast wilds of South America." (chapter 17) When he asked Victor to make him a bride Victor refuses. Victor says "I was now about to form another being of whose dispositions I was alike ignorant; she might become ten thousand times more malignant than her mate and delight" (chapter 17) Here Victor is afraid of what the creature and his bride might do together. Victor then decides not to go forward with the creation of another creature.

I swear," he cried, "by the sun, and by the blue sky of heaven, and by the fire of love that burns my heart, that if you grant my prayer, while they exist you shall never behold me again. Depart to your home and commence your labours; I shall watch their progress with unutterable anxiety; and fear not but that when you are ready I shall appear." (chapter 17) This quote truly shows how much the creature wants someone to love. He says how his heart burns to feel love and to give love back to someone. He has never felt the emotion of love but he knows what it is and that it must feel good.