Kindergarten P.E.

Growing Our Gross Motor Skills

What have we been doing?

To start out the year, we have been working on some gross motor skills such as jogging, galloping, side shuffling, skipping, hopping, and jumping. We have incorporated these loco-motor movements into many games and activities so far. Since our older Gators are in their soccer unit, we have been working on our kicking as well as some foot-eye coordination by playing games such as "Builders and Wreckers" and "Clean Out My Yard". Coming up in P.E. we will be starting our gymnastics unit. Our primary students will be working on many rolls such as log roll, egg roll, mummy roll, pencil roll and forward roll. We will also be working on our balance using our multiple balance beams and working on our strength while using the climbing wall, parallel bars, and climbing rope. If you or your children ever want to know what is coming up next in P.E. or to view pictures from class, please click on my blog at There are also updates on Wellness Club and great wellness websites for kids underneath the healthy links tab.