What is Revolution?

Darien Velez

Why so much chaos?

A Revolution is a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system. A revolution occurs when a poor government usually makes thing worse within a community. Although some political revolutions can become more positive after the outcome. Once the government officials become more responsive, people have more freedom of speech to express how they feel towards the government. Political revolutions are a turning point for countries.

An Insider of the American Revolution.

The Conflict.

“ In 1773 a band of Bostonians dressed as Indians boarded British ships and dumped 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor, an outraged parliament passed a series of measures designed to reassert imperial authority in Massachusetts”. The government was so outraged that they surrendered and changed their own political system to create peace throughout the community. This shows us that they did not respond in anymore violence, they were just out numbered, and decided it was easier to change the political system.

The British troops had been billeted in Boston in October 1768 after repeated requests from British customs officials, who had been harassed and intimidated because of their efforts to enforce the Townshend Act. Numerous clashes between the soldiers and the citizenry resulted. The killings of March 5, promptly termed a “massacre” by Patriot leaders and commemorated in a widely circulated engraving by Paul R., aroused intense public protests and threats of violent retaliation. This pressure caused Lieutenant Governor Thomas H. to withdraw the troops to an island in the harbor.

Do The benefits outweigh the costs? You choose.....


An overthrow of a poor government

More freedom of speech


A new perspective on issues

Act of violence

Fear resulting in change of life

Loss of control from the capital

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