Take a Trip to Where it all Started!

Precambrian Era

Saturday, March 21st, 9-9pm

Precambrian Era

Please contact us to reserve your tickets to the past. During this trip, you will be able to see the formation of the Planet Earth, the moon, the Solar System from the comfort of an air and pressure tight bubble, where you will be safe. Our contact information is down below if you wish to know more. We wish to see you there!
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Basic Info...

The Precambrian Era was the earliest time Period. It was sub-divided into three Eons- The Hadean, Archean, and Proterozoic. It is one of the most important because during this time that the Earth was formed and life first appeared. It was much different than what it is like today. From organisms to plants to climate and geography, the Earth today is much more different than .5 to 4.5 billion years ago.

Major Events

The most important event of the Precambrian is probably a tie between the Formation of earth, the creation of the Oceans, and the beginning of life, because they all took place in a single Era. Earth was formed when Gravity pushed together ice, space dust, and rock. At the same time the Solar system was formed. The oceans took forever to create, Literally a million years. It poured the whole time because of the water vapor in the atmosphere. There are many theories as to how life actually began, the most famous being that of a lightning strike, where Amino acids and sugars along with other stuff in the atmosphere like water vapor combined. Over time, it became more than simple bacteria as time progressed. There are more events found below, under the pictures, specifically under the Eon in which they happened.


During the Precambrian Era, life was just beginning. There were only single celled organisms most of the time, usually with no nucleus but, after awhile, Eukaryotes were born. They eventually went multi cellular

How is it different from Today?

The ancient Earth isn't at all like it is today. It is very advanced. Everything is evolved. We have more oxygen, different varieties of organisms. We have cycles that help regulate the world. Human intelligence, and soon artificial too.

How do we do it?

We time travel using the bubble Depicted down below. It will keep you safe while in it, it's designed to do so after all. It is provided with all the supplies needed for the one week spent visit the different eons int the Precambrian Era. There are no real dangers, except for starvation, oxygen deprivation, and heat. We have oxygen suits, for the times when it was scarce. and anti heat for when the Earth was thousands of degrees hot. As for starvation we will be taking enough food to last weeks(safety precautions). There is nothing you need to worry about.
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This is a video that shows how the earth looked like during the Precambrian Era.
Precambrian Era


Check out the Contacts below for more information on all of our trips to the past. Call or email if you would like to reserve a ticket for a trip. If you have any Ideas or would like to intern, please let us know.

What to Bring..

You will not be needing anything but yourself. Everything will be provided to meet your needs.