Apple Trees

Gabe Hildebrand

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The apple

Apple trees produce apples. Apples have 85 percent water. They

also have vitamins, fiber, sugar, and minerals. Apples form by blossoms. Blossoms are pink and white. There are over 900,000,000 apples grow in each year!!!! That's more people in the world!!!!!!!!

Before and after the apple season

After the apple season the apple trees have to be pruned which means to cut off dead branches and branches that are in the way. Workers spray chemicals on the apple blossoms so that bug do not eat the apples and so diseases do not kill the apples.

Growing Apples

Apples are different than other plants. They do not grow the same kind of apple when they are planted by a seed. Often they are planted by taking a bud and putting it on a cut down tree stump.

Apple Enemies

Apples also have lots and lots of enemies. Here are two enemies of the apple. Number 1. Apple scab Apple scab is when fungi creates cracks and black spots on the apple. This is also the most common apple disease. Number 2. Codling Moth larva Codling moth lay eggs on the apples. When the codling moth eggs hatch the larva start to eat the apple that they were on.

So Many Apples!

There are also lots of different types of apples. Here are 10 of them.

  1. crab apples
  2. golden delicious
  3. delicious
  4. McIntosh
  5. Cox's Orange Pippin
  6. Granny Smith
  7. Rhode Island
  8. Jonagold
  9. Cortland
  10. And Honey Crisp