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What you'll find at Zoom Art

  • Paintings and sculpture by Javanese artist, Sintong
  • Traditional antique houses for sale
  • Art classes for kids

If you want to know more...

This is just a tiny selection of the work to be seen at Zoom Art.

For more information call Sintong on 081999114477

Paintings by Sintong


The paintings below are all part of Sintong's MP series, where he aims to create 1000 pieces of work. As in the Palette Creates an Orchid, these paintings were all inspired by traditional Indonesian weaving techniques. All the paintings are in oil on canvas and range from 30 cm x 50 cm to 175 cm x 20 cm. Each piece of work contains hundreds of 'paintings within paintings.'


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Zoom Art, Jl.Kedampang No.58, Br Pengubengan Kauh, Kerobokan, Kuta, Bali

Opening hours

10,00 am - 6,00 pm Monday to Saturday