Wood to Pencils

By: Lynden weih


Where do you get your pencils Target, Walmart or Office Depot. Well pencils have a long story behind them. Read all about the process of pencils.


Pencils start at a tree farm. Farmers cut down trees. Then they load them onto a truck and it drives down to the factory


First they have graphite and a small amount of clay , 750 pounds of clay and water are poured in. They turn the mix for 24 hours. It turns into a smooth liquid. Then they pump the liquid in filter presses which squeezes the water out. It makes different sections known as cakes. The cakes are left to dry for 48 hours. The mixture is extruded. Then they put it in the packaging ram which gets all the water out. The mix is put in a machine and it makes the led shape. They get a box and put graphite on top. Then they put it in the furnace at 18,000 decrease. Then they cut the wood into a pencil shape. The pencils are painted. Then the erasers are added. after that the bass eraser holder is added too. Then the pencils are stamped with letters or numbers. Then they are put on a truck and delivered to the store.


They are sold in the store. Then adults and children buy them for work, school, and home.

Fun Facts

Did you know some kinds of pencils are made from recycled blue jeans? About 300,000 pencils can be made from one large incense cedar tree? Erasers were first attached to pencils for the first time in 1858


Now you know the process of pencils. Whenever you use pencils take time to think about how they are made. Thanks!
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