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Kazac Civil Pty Ltd are very pleased to announce that the local FOCUS magazine have invited us to be their chosen feature Business of the Month in July 2016 as we celebrate 25 years in business.

I have generated a very small list of our most valued Suppliers/Contractors/Clients, people we would like FOCUS Magazine to approach to advertise in amongst our feature in the July edition and naturally I have included your business.

Over the next few days the FOCUS Magazine team will be contacting you, inviting you to advertise along with our feature in the July 2016 edition.

The more business’s that jump on board with us to advertise in our feature, the bigger it will be, therefore attracting the highest results for us all.

A lot of local business may already have material on file with FOCUS Magazine that they can simply resize or drop in... if not, FOCUS Magazine have offered a free design service and photography service.


  • 1/6 page 8.1(w) x 12.5(h) - $484

  • 1/4 page 12.5cm(w) x 15.6cm(h) - $770

  • 1/2 page horizontal 15.6cm(h) x 25.5cm(w) - $935

Thanks again for your ongoing support.

If you have any questions, please give me a call on 0423 341 713.

Kind Regards

Steve & Karen Cusato