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Best Vertical Jump Program - Workout Techniques To Increase Vertical Leap

Exercises - № 1 - High jump on one leg by the calf
In this exercise, the most important thing is speed. Why do jumping as quickly as each jump height 5-10 cm first 1 minute jump on one foot, then one minute to the other, then together with all three series.

Exercises № 2 - High jump on the spot
This exercise is necessary during a jump two feet pressed to the chest; a total of 80 jumps, number of jumps in each series to determine for itself on their well-being, but not more than 4 episodes.Article Resource By Jump Manual Review

Exercises - № 3 - wall ball
Put a basketball or volleyball at the back and with him leaning against the wall and squat so that the leg was bent at the knee at 90 degrees and the thighs are parallel to the floor. In this position, sit 10 minutes in total, holding the ball behind his back. It is best to perform this exercise is not more than 5 series.

All of these exercises to increase height jump perform four times a week, every week, increasing the load by 10%. And after 2-4 months, you will have a beautiful shape and powerful legs, as well as increase the height of the jump in height and length, which is so necessary in basketball, volleyball and other sports.(the jump manual review yahoo)

In addition to these exercises to increase the height of the jump you can also look at other exercises increase jump to choose a more appropriate set of exercises.