Humans and Mammoths

Why aren't Mammoth bones found with human bones

How did mammoths effect the ecosystem

Mammoths were very big with very huge feet that when they stepped, they cracked the ground which allowed water to seep in and not for it to just slide right over the ground. Mammoths defecated, A LOT which created A LOT of poop which animals like dung beetles like to eat, when they vanished, dung beetles population when down. Mammoths also knocked down trees because they were SO big which is why there weren't many trees but, now that there aren't any mammoths, there are a lot more trees.
Scientists working on 'de-extinction' of the woolly mammoth

Woolly Mammoth

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Breaking News!

Mammoth bones were found at what was later known to be Mammoth National Park in Waco TX. Two Teenagers found mammoth bones sticking out of the ground while looking for arrows. Instead of just keeping them to show them off, the gave them to scientist which really was the birth of this national park. Archaeologist started to dig at the site expecting to find 1 mammoth, but in total found 24!


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The Religious point of view

If your Religious, you'd believe that we came first, because that's what it has in the bible. Science proves that animals came first but its still a debate whether we were here during the Dinosaur Ages. People also ask did God or whatever you'd might believe in, did they create animals for us to eat, and No. God put them here to put the world in "homeostasis", or to balance the ecosystem, so humans could have a balance diet, like protein while also cracking the ground so there would fertile land. Animals weren't just here for humans eating while that was a reason, but to also keep the world in a homeostasis.
The World without Animals

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