have you been to lake Michigan ?

I like lake mi because because you can swim a lot and the best part is you can fish.There are some things u need to be prepared for like the coast guard stopping u need to have all the right materials just in case they check your boat. lake Michigan sunsets are really pretty the sunrise starts @6:47 sunset starts @ 8:37 - TIPS: go on may or July because the water is not as cold.

bond falls

bond falls is really pretty.make sure you bring a camera. just by me reaching this topic i really want to go to this place i think it will be awesome. if you love nature then this will be a awesome trip for you to go on. TIPS:when you go to see the bond falls on your way up go off the path its is really fun and pretty.

diamond head crater.

diamond head crater looks so cool. most people want to take a tour bus because when u get to the top you are really tiered. there are 5272 people want to go back to it .i think it would be really awesome to do that i like to explore and i think it would be awesome to explore on.TIPS: when u go use the tunnel for fun.