red ribbon week

Richard Kade Johnson

How Did Red Ribbon Week Start

On Feb. 7, 1985, Camarena, who was 37, went to meet his wife for lunch, but he never made it. As he left the office, five men shoved him into a car. He was then tortured and killed.

Following Camarena's death, congressman Duncan Hunter and Henry Lozano started "Camarena Clubs" in Camarena's hometown of Imperial Valley, Calif. The purpose of the club was to educate the public about drugs and urge them to live drug-free lives on behalf of Camarena's sacrifice.



Because drugs are wrong.

Think about what is right or wrong and eat healthy not bad stuff.

I have seen people that has something wrong with there bodies and there lungs. they can't even walk or talk. Once i had seen some one that was pretty and when the did drugs they were no longer pretty any more the had something in their neck and there voice was weir it sound like a men voice.