The Daly News 4/8/19

Manatee Elementary Staff Newsletter

Important Dates

  • If you have not already sent home the registration forms, do it today!
  • GSP Canine Commandos field trip



  • SAC meeting 3:00 pm


  • Daly out
  • 6th Grade Book Bash Competition at Quest Elementary


  • Registration forms due

Important Notes

  • Grades 2-6, ELA-above is a google form to fill out. If you don't see it or can not access it, use the link below. Please complete it by Monday, April 8th.

  • The Terracycle collection has been suspended until future notice. The custodians have experienced problems with insects and are working on getting it under control.

  • Don't forget, our final faculty meeting of the year will be on May 10th, this is a change from the green calendar.

  • It is HIGHLY important that we get all registrations back by April 12th. This would be the only time during the year where I would encourage you to "bribe" your students to get them back. Without these, planning for the 2019-2020 school year is nearly impossible. They need to be in alphabetical order when you turn them into the office. If you have any questions, please direct them to Janet.
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Update from Carl-

It was fun to back on campus, Tuesday, to proctor in Dawn's room. I had to leave immediately after for an appointment and didn't get to visit very much. To that end, Shannon has graciously allowed me to share an update with everyone.

First Mom: she is hanging in there but dementia is taking it's toll. I do manage to visit her every other day. However, due to a serious of events with her present facility, we are not happy with her care, so on May 1st, we are moving her to a better situation right here in Satellite Beach. At 92 she continues slip both mentally and physically. Thanx for your thoughts and prayers.

We still love retirement although I still have a running list of things to do (me having a list probably will never end). On April 14 we leave for 2 weeks in Belgium and the Netherlands. Among the sights/sounds/tastes: Belgium chocolate and beer, tulips fields, WW 1 site where my grandfather fought, Anne Frank's house and Amsterdam museums etc. I will be back at Manatee proctoring in May and will share trip details then. We will then be in Florida until end of May then back to North Carolina for the summer/fall. I am hoping to work back at the Winery doing tastings starting June 1st.

If you ever went to visit us--just plan it. We have 3 bedrooms and lots of things to do!!

Prior to returning to Florida in early November we have trips planned to Denver (family wedding), Chicago (college friends) and Seattle (Seahawks game) so you can see we are very very busy.

I miss you guys but know you are great hands with Shannon.



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