World Cultures Project by Rafe Chaimson.

The Jordan flag

The Jordan flags meaning is that it was made to represent the revolution that the Arabs had against the Ottoman empire in World War 1.

Jordans Capital

The capital is called the Amman and is in the northern part of Jordan.


Jordan is located in western Asia next to Israel, Syria, and Egypt.

Jordans Bodies of water.

Jordan's surrounding water is called: The Red Sea, and The Dead Sea.
There are man made objects and their are non-man made Their are things in Jordan called : The Karak Castle and the Ma'an Train of 1897. Their are also landforms like: Aquaba Lake and the Al Aqabah River.

These landmarks effected the Jordan Residence Greatly. The Ma'an Train of 1897 was robbed and Jordan lost 5 million dollars.


Jordan's Government is Limited but it has a King. His name is King Hussein. The King is chosen by the votes of the residence of Jordan and the King can serve for 4 terms.


Jordan is a poor country with people only making $23 dollars a month and $732 dollars a year. Jordan's money is called Jordanian Dinars ( JOD ). Jordan's main import is Crops but they are currently at war with Syria for Oil and Coal. Finally Jordan's life expectancy rate: Men usually live up to 72.3 years old, while Women live up to 75.6 years old. which makes the total 73.9 and is ranked 92 in the world.

Jordan's Birth rate is 27.05 per 1000 people per year.

Jordan's drinking water source is the river Balqa which is a fresh water river near the capital of Jordan.



Women's Traditional and common clothing are the same it is a pink or red belt with either a gold sash or a gold belt. Men have they same clothes for both too, They wear Dress shirts with blue, black, or red pants that are pushed up to show White socks.
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Jordanians speak mainly Arabian but some speak Hebrew


Recently Jordan has had a song boom so now their are lots of DJ's and lots of Pop stars their.


Jordan has a lot of Holidays including Christmas but they do have some of their own. Eid-al-Fitr, and Eid-al-Adha.


People from Jordan mainly eat foods like Fried egg plant but they do have their signature mottabal


Their are plenty of fun things to do in Jordan but these are the best: Paragliding, Diving into the Red Sea, and paintball archery.