By Jenna Coalson

What is it?

Fluency is the ability to read with automatic word recognition, expression, and meaning.


Fluency is not merely the rate at which a student reads. Teachers report that some of their most fluent readers do not comprehend what they read (Deeney, 2010). That is why comprehension is a critical partner of fluency. Fluent readers recognize words automatically and quickly decode unknown words. However, this is only focusing on rate. If they are not understanding the material, then they are not as fluent as they appear.


Reader's Theater

Reader's theater helps improve fluency by allowing the students to read aloud in front of their peers.

Listen to audio version

This recommends allowing the students to listen to an audio version while they read. This will allow them to correctly hear how the words are supposed to be announced and with what expression.



This website has categorized their games based on the levels of literacy. This is a nice stepping stone to allow students to grow in their understanding.

Fluency practice passages

This website gives passages of text that students can work on individually or with assistance to improve fluency.