Chloe Lukasiak

By: Victoriana Neeley


Do you hear that? That’s the sound of the music an 11 year elite dancer and national title holder danced to.

What Chloe's Known For

WOW This Girl is AMAZING

Chloe was 9 ½ when she won her national title. The song was Silence. But thats not all she won she also won two other BIG crowns one was miss dance Ed and the second one was Jr miss dance 2011. Chloe was also on 2 music videos. One was summer love song sung by her teammate and friend brooke and the other one was with one of the newest stars named Lux (lucks) but thats not her real name. Out of the ten people on her team they picked her to be on the show. But before they did it came down to Paige Hyland (brooke’s sister) and of course Chloe, because they both look alot like Lux, because they are both tall and have blonde hair, but I guess they thought that chloe looked more like Lux.Chloe’s strongest dances are contemprary and ballet. At 9 years old her contemprary solo Farewell got a standing ovation!!

Backround Info

Chloe’s mom Christi is always there to cheer her daughter on!! Chloe has a wonderful family. Chloe has a baby sister named Clara. Her dad’s name is Marc. Chloe was born May 25 2001. She lives in Churchill, PA. She is in 6th grade and yes I know I know......... it might sound like she is homeschooled by how much dancing she does but thats not true infact she goes to Pittsburg Performing Arts Center and she actually only dances 3-4 days a week. She dances Monday, Tuesday Thursday and sometimes Saterday in the morning and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 4:30 -8:00 at night. Chloes’s favorite things to do besides dance is hang out with friends, Shop, and be with her family.

Fun Facts

Chloe is on dance moms and she is friends with Paige Hyland, they have danced together since 2 years old. Her favorite color is pink. Chloe’s full name is Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak. She is a Straight A student, Her best subjucts are Reading and writing. She is 4 ft 9 in and she had to audition to be on dance moms and when she grows up she wants to be a superstar and sign autographs.

So now you know all about Chloe Lukasiak! Check her out on Dance Moms every Tuesday night from 7:00 to 9:00. HAVE FUN!