PA Game Warden

by John Bupp


The average salary for a first year game warden is about $40,000. But the more years your in the warden service the more your pay increases. The most game wardens make per year is $60,000.

Day in the life of a PA Game Warden

Day in the life of a PA Game Warden

Its pretty random, you could be helping to catch a poacher one day then you could be out on a lake in your WMU looking for unregistered boats, and checking for life vests the next day.

Answers to those questions

-Training you need - Basic Academy training, Field training, Specialized training, Firearm training

-Skills you need - Leadership, Communication, Physically fit, Knowledge of outdoor skills

-Room for advancement - Yes in rankings, and in salary

-Whats involved with this career - Interactions with public, and wildlife

-Job outlook and salary - Outlook is really bad for PA but not for other states, and salary starts at $40,000 and ends at about 60,000

-Why i want to go into this career- Because i feel like i should give back to the state of Pennsylvania and its wildlife

-What you might know about this career - you deal with more than outdoors men, and animals

-Day in the life of a game warden - Its really random and its a different thing mostly every day