Team 9 Update

March 20, 2020

Food Services

Updates regarding food service locations:

Food Service Program Update (19 Mar). Effective March 23rd, the District is approved by the State to expand its Grab-n-Go meal operations to Milford Elementary, Grandview Elementary and Sheridan Elementary. The program currently serving out of Junction City Middle School is being re-located to serve out of the 9th Street Karns building.

Effective March 23rd the following sites are available for meal distribution:
• Early Childhood Development Center
• Spring Valley Elementary
• Seitz Elementary
• Washington Elementary
• Milford Elementary (new)
• Grandview Elementary (new)
• From JCMS (closed) to Karns Building (new)

Meals are distributed between 11:30 and 12:30 Monday through Friday at designated locations. Each child will receive a lunch meal for that day plus a sack breakfast for the following morning.

Children must be present to receive a meal but are not required to attend the school where meals are being distributed. Exceptions:
• The guardian provides documentation citing that the child has special needs and cannot come to the food distribution site.
• The child has been quarantined at home and cannot come to the site.

NOTE: The Health Department issued guidance to Central Kitchen that it cannot have more than 10 people in its facility an any given time. This means the need for volunteers is not critical. The paid staff is able to handle the current demand.

Team 9 Core Classes

Language Arts

Hi Team 9 :)

I hope you know how heartbroken all of your teachers are that we aren't able to finish the school year in person. We care SO much about each and every one of you. Finishing the school year online will be a different kind of challenge, but we can do this! Your online classes will begin on Wednesday April 1st. In the meantime, utilize the awesome resources sent out by the school district to keep your skills sharp!

For Language Arts, we will be completing our last unit of the year (Unit 4) through Schoology. You will see in your Language Arts Schoology that there is a new Unit 4 folder. Inside this folder, I will organize lessons in chronological order by date. The texts we will be reading for Unit 4 are inside of the 'Texts' folder. Any additional resources you will need for Unit 4 are located in the 'Resources' folder. Unit 4 will revolve around the novel The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. This text and the topics that surround it will make for a powerful end to your middle school career.

Please message me through Schoology or send me an e-mail at if you need ANYTHING at all. Just because we aren't meeting in person doesn't mean we can't communicate every day! I am here for you.

Stay safe & healthy, Team 9!

Talk soon,

Mrs. Murphy

Math- Williams

Hello, Students & Families!

First, I miss you all so much! I cannot imagine how you are all feeling, but I am feeling a little sad that we won't get to be back together this year. I know that this extended break and then upcoming E-learning can be exciting and overwhelming. Please ask questions and reach out if you need help. We are all learning new things (including your teachers!)

We are all in this together, and we will successful if we work together!

Jamie Williams

US History - Trenary

Team 9 Family!

I have been feeling many of the same feelings you have felt over these past few weeks:
worry, sadness, confusion, and of course, hope.

I genuinely miss all of you and wish we could be back to normal, but we will try to find a new normal together.

We are living through History right now. It is more than a little bit scary, things are very different, and everything is changing so quickly that it is hard to know what will come next. It is so important to be there for your family and to be kind and loving to them. Just like all of the families on this team, as a parent I have my 3 sons home with me and we are trying to make the best of it.

As we start a new routine with online learning, we will take it slow and the first week we will start a new project that I want to be meaningful and personal and that is taking time to write and journal about the history that we are now a part of. We know the thoughts, feelings, and daily lives of so many throughout the past because they chose to write it down and record what was going on, particularly in difficult times.

Just like many people in the past, we don't always get to choose or control events that we are put in to, but we can rise to the challenge. I am here to help and support you as we try to figure out this new chapter in history.

I will see you online soon!

Ben Trenary


Hey all!

Wow, what a ride! I just want to let you all know that I have been thinking and praying for you all in the crazy time! We will not only survive, but we will thrive in this time, because each of you has a greatness inside wanting to come out!

We will be in contact with more details on the online learning in the next week. If students are looking for something to do, they can always right me a letter and send it via snail mail! I PROMISE to reply to every letter I receive! The address to send it to would be:

Miss Temaat

3204 Claflin Rd,

Manhattan, KS 66503

I miss each and every one of your smiling faces, I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Breanna Temaat


FREE After School Tutoring Program

Click to sign your student up for the after school tutoring program. Students will be able to get tutoring help Tuesday- Thursday when school is in session. Transportation available. Click the button above to learn more.

Free online tutoring for military families. Go to to sign up.

Spanish Translation Phone Line 785-717-4428

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