A Long Way Gone

Mason McCoy

Internal Characterization

During chapter 5-8, Ishmael is feeling depressed because he was captured by rebels and almost became one and almost witness a massacre, then afterwards he goes to a village and stays there for months, but then the rebels come to the villages and raids the whole village and is forced to go into hiding.

Historical Connection

Currently, ISIS is forcing the recruitment of a child army by forcing them out of fear like in the story "A Long Way Gone" chapters 5-8 Ishmael and others are captured by rebels and are forcing them in joining the rebels by threatening to kill them and their family even though they are only children.



The Setting is based in the war torn country of Sierra Leone in the 1990s to 2002. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Liberia, and Guinea. It is on the eastern tip of Africa. The Capital of Sierra Leone is Freetown.

Conflict #1- Self vs Man

Ishmael is driven by hunger and leads a small group of people back to Mattru Jong to gather money and food from the rebels. But is stopped by three rebels that were hiding in the grass and the rebels forcefully forced to go to Mattru Jong to become rebels, but was interrupted by gunfire and Ishmael and his friends scattered to the forest and was constantly being shot at by the rebels and manage to get away with no injures.

Conflict #2- Man vs Nature

Ishmael leaves a family to go find an island called Bonthe. He continues to walk through a dense forest and stays the night in a tree, and then find a tree with a fruit that he has never seen before and eats it anyways with out knowing if it's poisonous or not. The next day he sleeps in a cave by a spring.