Child abuse

Stop this now

What is your issue?

This is a terrible thing. It is not only physical but verbal also. We need to stop this because we brought these kids into this world to create the new future of America.

Who does your issue affect and how?

This effects children from the age of 5 and older. It effects this age because the parents of the children get angry and either take it out physically or mentally on the child/or children. Which leads to children scared or on the streets.

Where would the memorial be placed?

In tuscaloosa, Alabama because it has the highest rate for physical child abuse. Near houses and schools to show the kids that they should stay strong and as ask for help if this is happening to you. Also it is a nice place to visit.

What is your goal for this memorial?

There should be a memorial for this because it touches your heart. Because you can't imagine this happening to your own child. Also because it doesn't just happen in the house or with a parent. You want this to be a heart warming thing when you see it. It will show those future parents what's right from wrong.