Stop Animal abuse

Will you help stop animal abuse

Research Questions

  • why do animals get abused ?
  • how can we stop it ?
  • what are some ways we can help to stop it ?
  • what are some facts about animal abuse that I didn't know ?
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Research Summary

My research is about animal abuse. I found some very interesting facts about animals and how they're getting instinct by humans and how humans are abusing animals. People sometimes make the animals have to take the blame when its owner is mad or depressed ‘’There can be many reasons. Animal cruelty, like any other form of violence, is often committed by a person who feels powerless, unnoticed, or under the control of others’’ people do just to get revenge on animals or their own pets. ‘’snakes and lizards are skinned alive to get their leathery skin because they say its more better and suppliable’’. The effects that causes these things are people who don't care about animals and they treat them really horrible they throw them on the streets,they don't feed them,they probably would even kill them,they probably wouldn't even give them any shelter and we humans do so many things that would hurt an innocent animal there might be some people who do care but there's some people who just torture animals especially dogs.’’4-5 million animals die in shelters every year’’.We can fix the problem by not killing animals and taking good care of them.feeding them might just help an animal. We can try to put them in a good shelter where they can sleep happily and comfortably.