Science Adventure!😊

By Mallory

Earthquakes PBL

Earthquake PBL was about making a sturdy house for tony stark. And I liked building it with my team and it was good in the end. The house was supposed to withstand a very powerful earthquake. (Or Mrs. Chappas' shake table.) Our invention, fortunately, withstood the earthquake.

Atmosphere 30 Project

Atmosphere Project!

I liked the 30 hands atmosphere because it was so creative and I liked making it.

We had to make a slideshow about climate change and global warming, and I liked making it!

Video link:

Invention Convention

1. Our invention helps the problem of pollution. We use wind energy which is way cleaner than coal or oil. And it is very efficient.

2. Our invention use wind energy. Which is a reuseable resource. Again, it helps on pollution. WInd energy is very clean so it's proven better.

Picture of final invention is at the bottom.

Extra Credit

I loved the fossil fuels unit aswell as the atmosphere demos.! I loved working on my invention in the invention convention and I loved working with my partner, Francesa.
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