Kindergarten News.

11th November.

Thank you all for supporting all the different school events. I hope you are all beginning and continue to feel part of the whole school. Thank you for supporting the big friends at the Lasagna dinner and thank you for all your hard work at the Fall Frolic.

This week the children are working on conflict resolution skills, being part of a group and listening skills. I used a Turkey story as part of listening, following directions and fine motor skills to complete a project.

Language Arts. The children are working on rhyming words. Learning to spell sight words. Reading individual books and writing wonderful stories. Enjoying writing stories about their own thoughts: they are using creative spelling and sounding out words phonetically.

"Monday news" is developing well and the children are gaining confidence to just have a go. They wrote a sentence completely independently using creative spelling and drew a picture about their news.

Math work. The children are working on the pattern cards and enjoyed the challenges of these patterns. They are using the geoboards to build numbers and patterns. They are recording their individual work. This is a visual concept of shapes and geometry.

Social studies. The children continue to learn about bears. This week brown bear were studied. They are making a book on bears. They completed several creative art projects with me for Thanksgiving. Bonnets and hats for the pilgrim day are going well. Excitment is growing and Friday 18th November will be Pilgrim day.

Remember for pilgrim day the children will dress up.

Boys wear long socks and sweat pants.

Girls wear Long skirts and aprons.

This is a hands-on day when the children to really learn about history. Parents are invited to come and take pictures from 8:30 to about 9:00am.

Science Today the children developed their knowledge of the seasons of the year.

Assembly this week was the talent show. Kindergarten watch so they can see what the talent show is about.

I am playing many games with the children to develop their own sense of self-worth and helping them to feel part of and belong to the class.They all seem very comfortable and happy.

Parent help needed on Thursday 1st December to make the small gingerbread houses for the k and 6th grade to decorate. Please come to the classroom at 3:10 pm to help for about 20 minutes. Children can come to play but it is too hard for them to put the gingerbread houses together.

Your children are having fun, making friends and working hard. They are happy and a delight to teach and guide. If you have any concerns please talk to me. I can not stress enough that early to bed is a key to a successful kindergarten year.

Important Dates.

November 11th Lasagna dinner.

November 12th Fall Frolic. Please come bring a rake and enjoy some social time while working. The children love to see you at school. The children come to and help or just play on the playground.

November 18th Pilgrim day

December 1st Gingerbread house making. 3:10 -3:40 pm

Hope to see you at Fall Frolic.

In peace and friendship. Jean