Invented by Peter Cooper

the inventor, Peter Cooper

Peter Cooper was born on February 12, 1791 in New York City. Before Peter became an engineer he tried many other jobs such as hat making, brewing and brick making. During the war of 1812, when all trade with England stopped, Peter and his brother bought the patent rights to manufacture and sell a cloth cutting machine. After the war ends, Peter makes the choice to convert his cloth shear making business into a cabinet. At the age of thirty Peter buys a glue factory in Kipps Bay, Manhattan previously owned by Mr. Vreeland. In 1830 he successfully built the first locomotive. Sadly this great man died on April 4, 1883.
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the locomotive

The locomotive was invented during the 1900's in England. Many people considered this the true symbol of the industrial age. This amazing machine is a self propelled train car. Sometimes people call it a railroad engine. The locomotive gets its energy through the burning of fuel, electricity, and magnetic levitation. The fuel gets burned in a furnace in the car. The heat turns the fuel into steam. The steam pushes pats in the engine causing the wheels to turn. And the locomotive is moving! in the early 18030’s the locomotive weighed between 5-8 tons and could push/pull only a few light cars. Now, modern locomotives can push/pull over 200 loaded freight cars.
Western Steam Locomotives in Action

the industrial revaluation

In the year of 1840 the Industrial Revaluation began. during this time many inventions were made to innovate life and do jobs people would previously do by hand. huge factories began to pop up everywhere people would start to find jobs in these places. the working conditions were not safe or good. many people got hurt and sicknesses was easy to catch. the working class was effected greatly by these conditions many people in the working class got hurt,sick,or killed while working in the factories.the revolution spread fast and people who still made things by hand that were done by machine then almost became useless and " distinct ".This era was the era when many,many,many machines very invented and began to be used.