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September 16, 2016- Note from Nicole

This has been another great week! As my own family is settling into the routines that come in September, it seems that so are many of you. Spending Thursday together learning and growing was good. As we move forward, we will begin to gather and analyze evidence in order to identify a student learning problem and problems of teacher practice. My goal is to support you as you create a theory of action for improving teaching and learning in your school. We are in this work together and I am excited and ready to learn along side you in this process.

This week brings my last week with all three of my kids at home. Our son is starting his second year at the University of Oregon. We have LOVED having him home this summer. He moves in to an apartment with friends on Friday, the 23rd. I am certain that the house will feel way too quiet again with just two kids in the nest. Our girls will miss their big brother ( so will I).

Please note that I will be out on Friday, September 30. I plan to volunteer at my 8th grade daughter Ellie's jogathon. I will also have another two days off later this fall. One is because my husband and I run the concessions for the OSAA State volleyball tournament. It is two days of crazy but it is a big fundraiser for the Liberty High School Volleyball team. Also, our daughter Madelyn, who is a Junior will be having her wisdom teeth removed and I will take a day to be with her for that. I will let you know when those days get closer.

For now, enjoy the success of another year under way. I am so blessed to get to work with each of you. Have some fun this weekend! Sunny weather, football, Oktoberfest...enjoy the season!

Information and News

Early Release in Beaverton- Coming Fall of 2017

With Early Release on the horizon for next school year, it is essential that all of our staff share the positive impact that this will have for students and staff. Please encourage your staff to be positive as they speak to community members about this. Keep them informed by directing them and spending time together reviewing the webpage found on the District Website that is dedicated to Early Release/Collaboration time. You will find a the FAQ document as well as a video and other other great information. I have linked each of these rich resources here for you to use with your staff.

Sharing Your Newsletters/Staff Letters

While I think it is really nice to be able to see what each other is doing and communicating with their staffs, I will encourage but not expect you to share your staff newsletters and school newsletter with our team. However, I do ask that you share them with me. I love seeing what is going on in your buildings. Also it gives me a great view of your leadership. I am so impressed by what you all are doing!

Our Meetings

If you have not yet signed up for your first trimester times to meet with me, please use this link to do so. We will meet 6 times this fall to work on your cycle of inquiry, as well as do walk-throughs, and talk about your classroom visits. Please complete this schedule by the end of today.


Please be sure and let me know when you are out sick or on vacation. It is helpful for me to know in case something occurs in your absence. When you are out sick, just a quick text is great. Also, please be sure to let me know when you are planning to take vacation, ahead of time. Thanks for keeping me in the loop.


Please have a printed copy of your playbook to give me at our next meeting. I will keep this with me as we meet throughout this year.

American Heart Association and the Beaverton School District

The Beaverton School District was #1 in the nation in 2015-16 for the increase in the money raised from the previous year for the American Heart Association. Our contribution jumped 185%! This is amazing work for a great cause and helps to get our kids to be active. With only eight elementary schools involved, what could we do if every school jumped in? Here are the totals from last year:

Beaverton School

Amount Raised in 2015-16

# Students Participating

Bonny Slope Elementary



Greenway Elementary



Hazeldale Elementary



McKinley Elementary



Montclair Elementary



Raleigh Park Elementary



Ridgewood Elementary



West Tualatin View Elementary






This effort has Beaverton now sitting at #2 in the state for the total amount of money raised, right behind the Salem-Keizer School District.


Total raised as of June 15, 2016

Salem-Keizer School District 24J


Beaverton School District 48J


If you would like to have your school join the effort, contact Matt Casteel. He can arrange to have someone from the American Heart Association meet with you and walk you through the details. It’s easy.

College Wednesday

Wednesday's are the day us in Teaching and Learning, and many schools, have designated to support college and career readiness by wearing our college gear. Feel free to join in on this if you like. I went to Western for both my Elementary Bachelors and my Special Ed Masters. It is near and dear to my heart. My dad graduated from OCE in the 60's and my sister, her husband, my husband, and I all graduated from WOSC in 1989. But because I am the mom of a Duck, I also wear Duck gear. I hope you will join me in this fun.
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Nicole's Principal Team Meeting

Thursday, Sep. 22nd, 8am-12pm

15555 Southwest Davis Road

Beaverton, OR