Where is Middle Earth


Hobbit whole attraction in Japan.

Japan has Good hills for the hobbit but it also has many other places like majestic mountain ranges and forests. In japan though they now speak Japanese and they like to dance and sing like the dwarfs.

Why japan is middle earth.

I believe japan is middle earth because it has all the different types of physical features that I think are in the hobbit. It also seems to me to be a magical place and that's why I think japan is middle earth.

Counter claim

Some people think that new Zealand is middle earth but I beg to differ. I think japan is middle earth not only because but also because of there culture. It matches some of the dwarfs and hobbits cultures.


These are some of the many reasons that in my eyes japan is middle earth. Its the countries beauty and features and the Japanese culture that ties it up to be a worthy match to compete for middle earth.
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Now before i go here is one more thing

I bet you also thought that I thought japan was middle earth because of scenery, Nope. In japan singing old songs about there culture is actually a very big part of most festivals. Its kind of like how the dwarfs like to sing old songs about there culture.