Vatican City

Southern Region

The landlocked sovereign city-state within the city of Rome, Italy

The Vatican City is the smallest country in the world. The Vatican City is home of the Pope of the Roman Catholic Churches. Even though Vatican City is small it has many churches. Vatican City has many creative Churches and Museums.

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Vatican City History

The Vatican City was considered a country in 1929. The ruler Of the Vatican City is the Pope who is also the Ruler of Catholic Roman Churches. There has been 265 Popes. In history there has only been one Pope that has resigned other than for medical Issues, which was in 2013. During the Italian unification the Vatican City was Apart of Italy. On May 13th 1981 the first Assassination attempt on a Pope in modern days. Vatican City is the Smallest Country and least populated country.


March 13th-Anniversery of when Pope Francis was elected-He is the Pope and important to all Roman Catholic Churches

January 6th- Epiphany- A Christian Festival commemorating the manifestation of Christ

February 11th- Lateran Treaty Day- The Day Vatican City became its separate Country and signed a treaty


Famous People


The official language of the Vatican City is Italian.

Five phrases that you should know are:



Buona sera-Good Evening

Buongiorno- Good morning

Come stai-How are you


Nearest Airport-Leonardo da Vinci International Airport

Rome- 2 miles and you can take a car, bus, or walk

Frascati- 14 miles and you can take a car, bus, or walk

Monterotondo- 17 miles and you can take a car, bus, or walk

Emily Inda

I have a family of four, a younger brother, mom, dad and me. Next year I will be going to Italy, Vatican City, and Ireland. We will be spending 2 weeks there for my grandma and grandpas anniversary.