Friends for life?

By Maxim Ignatenko

My friend.

  • I would like to tell about one of the my best friend. His name is Dmitry Shamal.
    He studies in school with me. He is smart, shy, kind and has a good sense of humour. Dima likes different sports: volleyball, basketball, football and others. But his favourite sport is football. He is a cool player.

To make friends with somebody.

  • My friend and I have known each other since we were kids. It's strange, but we didn't click straight away. We sometimes fell out over the smallest thing, but then we can't go to sleep until we make up. I know that I can always rely on Dima and that he will never let me down. When he received a good mark from the coach at training and I bad mark, he didn't show off. I felt disappointed, however he supported me.

  • One day, we lost in final match and I thought we would lose. But Dima told: "We came here to be Champions!" And then I realize that on that day I found my best friend in the world.

Our hobby.

  • We are often have the same opinion about things. Dima never leaves me alone in difficult situation. We are always help each other in any situation.

  • We are happy on weekends because we used to play football a lot of time. After games I used to draw different drawings. I always drew pictures and show Dima and other friends. I am really good at drawing.

Our friendship.

  • Dima is very loyal, trustworthy person. We are always together. We have a lifelong friendship. That's what matters. I wish everyone to find the best friends in life.
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