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Daniel Medellin

Hello, my name is Daniel, and I am here at the capital of Mexico, Mexico City. Mexico is a federal republic. Mexico City is the federal district capital of Mexico and seat of the federal powers of the Mexican union. Enrique Pina Nieto is the president of Mexico, and Mr. Nieto will be our guide today. Mr. Nieto has informed me that Mexico City is the largest city in their country as well as it's most important political, culture, educational, and financial center. " as an Alpha global city, Mexico City is one of the most important financial center's in North America." Mr. Nieto says. It is located in the valley of Mexico, a large valley in the high plateaus at the center of Mexico, at an altitude of 2,240 meters. Mr. Nieto was informed by the census that there is 21.2 million people. Making it the largest metropolitan area in the Western Hemisphere, the third largest agglomeration worldwide and the largest Spanish-speaking city in the world, Mr. Nieto told me." The United States and Canada are their closest allies"."Well that's it for today until next time".

Panama City government

Hello, my name is Daniel, and I am here in the capital of Panama, Panama City. Panama City is the capital and the republic of Panama.I was taught their population is 880,691, but it's metro population is 1,272,672.Panama City has an average DP per capita of $11,700.It has a dense skyline of mostly high rise building's, and it is surrounded by a large belt of Tropical Rain forests. Their official language is Spanish,they are unitary presidential constitutional Rupublic their president is Ricardo Martinelli. The expansion project of the panama canal, combined with the conclusion of a free trade agreement with the United States, is expected to boost and extend economic expansion for some time."Well until next time bye".

Ecuador Geography

Hello, my name is Daniel and i here in Ecuador studying its geography. Ecuador is a country in western south america, bordering the pacific ocean at the equator, for which the country is named. Ecuador encompasses a wide range of formations and climates, from the desert-like southern coast to the snow capped peaks of the Andes mountain range to the plains of the amazon basin. While my crew and I were driving by we stopped to look at the magnificent cotopaxi volcano, one of the worlds highest active volcano's in Ecuador. there are 317 mammal species in Ecuador, of which 2 are critically endangered, 10 are endangered, 23 are vulnerable, and 7 are near-threatened, 2 of the species listed for Ecuador are considered to be extincted.


The steady growth of influence and prestige of the Federal League frightened the Portuguese government, which did not want the League's republicanism to spread to the adjoining Portuguese colony of Brazil. In August, 1816 forces from Brazil invaded the Eastern Province, with the intention of destroying the protector and his revolution. The Portuguese forces, thanks to their numerical and material superiority, occupied Montevideo on January 20, 1817, and finally after struggling for three years in the countryside, defeated Artigas in the Battle of Tacuarembó. In 1821, the Eastern Province of the Río de la Plata (present-day Uruguay), was annexed by Brazil under the name of Província Cisplatina. In response, the Thirty-Three Orientals led by Juan Antonio Lavalleja declared independence on August 25, 1825 supported by the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata, present-day Argentina.

This led to the 500-day Cisplatine War. Neither side gained the upper hand, and in 1828 the Treaty of Montevideo, fostered by Britain, gave birth to Uruguay as an independent state. The nation's first constitution was adopted on July 18, 1830. For the remainder of the 19th century, under a series of elected and appointed presidents, Uruguay saw interventions by — and conflicts with — neighboring states, political and economic fluctuations, and large inflows of immigrants, mostly from Europe.