Death of Marilyn Monroe

Andrea Speer

Who, What, Where, Why, How

In her brief life Marilyn Monroe defined what it meant to be a movie star, and after her death she became, if anything, even more famous as a symbol of glamour. She was born June 1, 1926, Los Angeles, California. She died August 5, 1962, Los Angeles California.


In what i have read i have only found 2 didnt ways of thinking about her death. The first is that it was a suicide that she was just so unhappy with her life. That she didnt want to live it anymore. The other thing i saw was the M.E said he thought it was murdder, becasuse when you look back at her life she didnt seem that unhappy things where going well for her.
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It was really one way or another with the media. You either thought it was a murder or a suicide. Because of what she did with the Kennedy's you could see how it could be a murder. Yet with all the sleeping pills you could see how she could have killed her self.


this is feminist criticism. she was a beatuiful women that many loved. she had a great life. the fact that should had multiple failed got to her. her failed mariges got to her. just all the bad things that she had been through in her life had gotten to her. this is why i think that the media thinks she killed her self. mostly because did they think she wasnt strong enough to get through it. that she thought that was the only way out.
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My Thoughts

I do think that she committed suicide. After losing her baby and also 2 faild marriges. i just dont think she could take it anymore. plus the way she did it with sleeping pills that doesnt sound like thats something someone else would do to her.